McMichael Canadian Art Collection


In 2007, in an effort to become more energy efficient and lower energy costs, the McMichael Collection began to consider replacing its galleries’ incandescent and halogen lamps with LEDs. However, given the light-sensitivity and preservation needs of the historic artwork, a premium quality of light was an essential requirement.


To gain a better understanding of the technological and energy benefits provided by LEDs, the McMichael turned to LEDVANCE to provide information and counsel as it prepared for a switch to LEDs.


Ultimately, SYLVANIA LED lamps were selected for the installation due to their superiority in a number of areas, including lumen levels, colour rendering index (CRI) and colour temperature, as well as LEDVANCE’s warranty, support and reputation for reliability. The McMichael began the installation of SYLVANIA LED retrofit lamps in its galleries in January 2010. In total, over 700 LED lamps will be installed when the project is completed. The gallery’s existing PAR20 and PAR30 50- and 75-watt incandescent lamps were replaced with 8-, 15- and 18-watt PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 LED retrofit lamps from SYLVANIA.


  • ​​Annual energy savings:  88766 kWh / 30.5KW load
  • Reduction of energy costs:  $9,892 per year
  • Equivalent CO2 emissions averted per year:  67 tons / 60,781 kg

​The Bottom Line

Since the installation of the SYLVANIA LED retrofit lamps, the McMichael Collection has seen dramatic results. The gallery has noted that the newly installed LEDs have not only matched, but have actually improved the quality of light in which the artwork is showcased, compared to the previously installed incandescent lamps.


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