LEDVANCE Showcases Intuitive, Dynamic and Simple Human Centric Lighting at LIGHTFAIR 2018

"Passion for Lighting” Delivers Innovative Approach that Helps Distributors and Contractors Grow Their Businesses 

Wilmington, Mass. – Human Centric Lighting (HCL), a major topic in the lighting industry, reproduces the biological effects and daily rhythm of natural light to stimulate improved well-being and boosted alertness.  To take advantage of these illumination benefits, LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the United States and Canada, offers a wide assortment of tunable white and full color lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications – from lamps to luminaires with both wired and wireless controllability.  At LIGHTFAIR International (LFI®), LEDVANCE will be showing the HCL Controller and HCL philosophy for the North American market, with the next step being HCL luminaires.  LFI, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, takes place May 8 – 10, 2018 in Chicago. 


LEDVANCE’s approach to Human Centric Lighting provides lighting control that is tailored to individual users or small groups of users, for example in small workrooms and offices.  At the heart of this approach is the new HCL Controller, an innovative user interface in the form of a rotary switch and display.  It is ideal for anyone who wants to create a working environment designed to stimulate boosted performance or increased comfort and reduced fatigue without the need for major expense.  Users can take advantage of the biological effects of the company’s innovative lighting solution to match the effects of natural sunlight throughout the workday quickly and easily without any prior knowledge, and adapt the HCL system to individual needs and specific situations.  With the HCL Controller, luminaires are autonomously linked to natural circadian rhythms that regulate energy levels and mood by location and time of day.  The controller allows the occupant to modify light levels and spectrum around that base line to help fine tune the lighting needs of the space for performance or recovery. 


“Our theme at LIGHTFAIR is ‘Experience our Passion for Lighting,’ and our passion has resulted in our innovative controller that brings the theory of Human Centric Lighting into practical application by being intuitive, dynamic and simple,” said Alberto Pierotti, Head of R&D in the United States and Canada, LEDVANCE.  “Our unique approach to this important industry topic is another important step for LEDVANCE to become a full luminaire player in the global market.”

For distributors, LEDVANCE’s approach to Human Centric Lighting offers extended business opportunities to expand their customer base by fulfilling innovative lighting projects, therefore creating added business value with their customers.  For contractors, this gives the opportunity to meet the needs of their end customer looking for intelligent tunable white luminaires that also have simple turn-key installation.  Three market needs drove the development of the HCL Controller to help distributors and contractors build their businesses with ease:

  • Be easy to install,
  • Offer simple operation, and
  • Deliver dynamic light. 

The first is met because with ZigBee® communication between the controller and luminaires, no additional wiring is required.  Ready on connection to power also means no further configuration is necessary, and the HCL Controller also automatically determines time of day and location for the right light at the right time.  Second, the HCL Controller offers simple operation by having preprogrammed dynamic lighting scenarios that take into account natural biological rhythms regulated by exposure to daylight, and an uncomplicated rotary switch and display for convenient intuitive adjustment to individual requirements and specific situations.  It is very easy to use with occupants needing no prior knowledge thanks to intelligent algorithm based on the latest scientific recommendations. Finally, as a lighting leader with over a century of lighting experience, LEDVANCE delivers Human Centric Lighting that is dynamic with changing brightness levels and light temperatures.  It balances visual and biological effects of light for an environment that stimulates and improves human biorhythms, contributes to well-being and mood, supports performance and concentration, and allows for greater vitality, creativity or relaxation.


For more information, visit Booth 1041 at LFI, visit www.ledvanceus.com/lightfair or follow along on social media via #Passion4Light.



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