LEDVANCE Showcases New SYLVANIA LED Lamps and Luminaires at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Experience Long-lasting, Quality “Light Where You Need It” with a Full LED Portfolio from a Trusted Partner for Distribution

Wilmington, Mass. – At LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®), LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the United States and Canada, is showing how SYLVANIA LED lighting products are advancing light in renovation, making the company the best retrofit partner for quality lighting products for any purpose, commercial and residential.  LEDVANCE LLC offers a wide range of SYLVANIA LED luminaires for various applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources.  LEDVANCE is demonstrating at Booth 2101 a full LED portfolio of SYLVANIA lamps and luminaires for vertical lighting applications that provide long-lasting, quality “Light Where You Need It.”

Helping Distributors Deliver “Light Where You Need It”

At LIGHTFAIR, LEDVANCE is showcasing how it continues to make it easy for distributors to do business with the company and help them with sell out at their branches through new packaging and product segmentation rolling out this summer.  New luminaire products will be identified as ValueLED™, UltraLED™ or Hi-PerformanceLED™ - giving distributors a variety of options to meet the specific needs of their customers by providing a range of features and price points.  In response to the increasing need for self-selling packaging for contractor’s easier choice, this makes it easy to identify, easy to decide and easy to purchase LED luminaires.  For in-store sales opportunities, new 4-color packaging will have engaging product and application photos, strong SYLVANIA product and LEDVANCE corporate branding, and clearly marked key features and benefits to help pique end customers interest.  Brown box value packaging will be available for bulk/larger items stored in the warehouse.  

New SYLVANIA LED Lamps and Luminaires Provide “Light Where You Need It”

The following are some of the lighting innovations being showcased at LFI.  While associated with one of the areas of the LIGHTFAIR booth, attendees will find many of the lighting products in several of the vertical areas since their versatility makes them well suited for various applications.

INNOVATION – Light which shapes our future

The SYLVANIA UltraLED Marathon™ Linear High Bay has an industry leading 15 year warranty  due to its driverless technology and LED Mesh design and provides beautiful, long-lasting illumination for grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, big box retail, gymnasiums and warehouses.  As a replacement for 320W metal halide fixtures, the direct AC LED fixture reduces energy consumption up to 72 percent.  This unique DLC Premium LED fixture offers a lumen output of up to 19,000 lumens and a high efficacy of 160 LPW, and has an internal 22kA surge suppression.  

LEDVANCE is focused on delivering outstanding Quality of Light at affordable price points with cost-effective SYLVANIA LED luminaires with superior color rendition technology for color critical lighting applications.  Going beyond High CRI, LEDVANCE‘s Quality of Light approach rivals competing 90+ CRI solutions in R1-R8 and outperforms them in the saturated R9-R15 range to deliver vibrant colors, perfectly rendered natural skin tones and sharp contrasts in dynamic palettes, all at a fraction of the increase compared to other “premium white” solutions.

Because of the long lifetime of LEDs, distributors need new ways to future proof their business so they can keep going back to their customers.  To offer distributors the flexibility they need to meet the evolving needs of their customers and sell LED upgrades, LEDVANCE is showcasing IoT ready SYLVANIA LED Luminaires and Downlights via controls integration with leading industry partners and open protocol Zigbee compatible systems which enable the deployment of Lighting as a Service (LaaS) solutions.  LaaS allows customers to “pay as you go” versus the traditional method of paying for retrofit projects via large capital up front.  This can help distributors overcome push back from customers for paying a higher cost for advanced controls systems.  This is because lighting would move from being a capital expenditure to an operation expenditure which may have a positive impact to the customer cash flow and free up cash to do other projects.  The “pay as you go” method will also provide a vehicle to support subscription-based revenue methods for the lighting industry for other service rollout such as asset tracking applications integration and software updates.  Since they have great relationships with their customers, distributors are perfectly positioned to discuss LaaS strategies with their customers in terms of value-added propositions like specialized services (e.g. remote energy monitoring, planned replacement based on effective life, fault detection and more), as well as possible negotiating possibilities with utilities or agencies. 

WAREHOUSE / BIG BOX – Light from the highest level

Light weight and easy to install, these LED fixtures are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail, gymnasiums and loading docks: 

The SYLVANIA ValueLED UFO High Bay is a slim LED alternative for HID luminaires that offers energy savings up to 73 percent.  It has pendant, loop, or surface mounting options which makes it easy to install, multiple optic options for a variety of applications, and is available in 120-277 or 347-480 voltage ranges. 

The SYLVANIA UltraLED Linear High Bay is DLC Premium listed to maximize rebate opportunities and customizable with optional motion/daylight sensor or emergency back-up options, two distribution types (wide and aisle) and voltage ranges (120-277 or 347-480).  It is supported with many mounting accessories and wire guards.

The SYLVANIA UltraLED Linear Pendant is a DLC Premium 120-347V LED fixture that offers selectable Wattages (30/40/50W in the 4ft and 15/20/25W in the 2ft) and color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K).  It is connectable which increases its flexibility for various applications.

OUTDOOR – Light to keep you safe

Perfect for illuminating building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways and stairwells, the SYLVANIA UltraLED Selectable Wall Pack Non-Cutoff is offered in two selectable wattage / lumen packages (15-50W / 15-80W) to deliver up to 10,000 lumens.  The color termperature can also be adjusted on the fixture to 3000K, 4000K or 5000K.  As a LED alternative to HID fixtures, it offers up to 77 percent energy savings with an optional Photocontrol or motion sensor providing additional energy savings.  The traditional footprint also allows lowers installation costs.

For facades, wall washes, parking lots, garage roofs, general area lighting and industrial applications, SYLVANIA ValueLED Slim Flood Lights and ValueLED Flood Lights reduce energy consumption up to 73 percent when compared to up to traditional HID fixtures.  These DLC Premium fixtures are available in bronze or white and 4000K and 5000K versions.  Delivering up to 116 LPW, the ValueLED Slim Flood Light is offered in 30 and 50 Watts and designed to operate through 120-277 voltage range.  The ValueLED Flood Light delivers up to 136 LPW; is offered in 80W, 140W, 240W and 300W versions; is designed to operate through 120-277 or 347-480 voltage range.

Now available in bronze or white, the Smart City-enabling, IoT ready SYLVANIA Area Light features an integrated photocontrol receptable compatible with up to seven-pin photosensors.  In addition to offering energy savings up to 80 percent compared to traditional options, the Area Light is easy to install via wall or pole mounting.  It is a robust LED fixture with IP66 and 3G vibration ratings and is 0 to 10V dimmable.

OFFICE / EDUCATION – Light for productive environments

The SYLVANIA UltraLED RT Downlight Series is available with emergency battery back-up ready connections to increase ease of installation.  They replace up to 2x42W CFL lamps to deliver 36 percent energy savings, deliver between 700 to 5000 lumens in five color temperatures depending on the version, and are 0-10V dimmable with phase-cut for the RT5/6 700 lumen version and designed to operate through 120 and 120-277 Vac voltage range.

Offered in three sizes (1’x4‘, 2’x2‘ and 2’x4‘) and color temperatures (3500K, 4000K and 5000K), SYLVANIA UltraLED Edge-Lit Panels deliver even and uniform lighting for illuminating offices, retail or hospitality areas due to their Edge-Lit technology and diffused lens.  Delivering energy savings up to 64 percent compared to traditional options, they are designed to operate through 120-277 or 120-347 Vac voltage range, 0 to 10V dimmable down to 10 percent, and DLC Premium listing for increasing rebate opportunities.

INDOOR – Light to create appeal

The SYLVANIA Hi-Performance Selectable Downlights are offered in 3”, 4”, 6" and 8" sizes and provide high performing light optimized for both new construction and retrofit applications. The lumen selectable switch allows for customizable light output from 500 to 5000 lumens depending on the version, replacing up to two 42W compact fluorescent lamps and offering more than 52 percent energy savings.  The installation is done quickly and easily in most standard frames.

Energy-saving SYLVANIA Vapor Tight Luminaires are made of a lightweight, robust polycarbonate housing and an LED hanging tray that allows for a single contractor installation.  Once surface mounted or suspended, the contractor can make all the electrical connections only having to remove the lens.  The LED luminaires are offered in three sizes/wattages and multiple options (basic/sensor/emergency/IP65 or IP67) and will be DLC Premium listed in a variety of categories to maximize utility rebate incentives.

SYLVANIA UltraLED Volumetric Troffers are environmentally preferable LED alternatives to traditional fluorescent luminaires, with 0 to 10V dimming to optimize energy savings up to 52 percent.  Offered in two sizes (2’x2‘ and 2’x4‘), these are lightweight and easy to install, improve vertical illuminance while minimizing glare, and are DLC Premium listed to maximize rebate opportunities.

MULTIRESIDENTIAL – Light to enhance your ambience

LEDVANCE is showcasing two industry-firsts in smart connected lighting which can enhance the ambience of any environment.  The SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth® Filament Tunable White A19 Lamp can go from 2300K to 3000K and is compatible with leading voice assistants without needing a hub due to integrated Bluetooth Mesh technology that offers improved reliability, scalability and extended range.  The SYLVANIA SMART+ Zigbee® PAR 38 Night Chaser is dimmable, wet rated for indoor and outdoor use, and delivers high lumen (2650) and center beam candle power outputs.

Available in red or green, the brightly lit SYLVANIA ValueLED Exit and Emergency Signs are slim, low profile exit sign lighting solutions that provide a crisp, clean look and excellent energy-saving benefits up to 97 percent compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent exit signs.  These LED Exit and Exit Combo Signs with emergency battery backup are ideal for buildings, offices and a broad range of commercial facilities.

Celebrating Those That Spread “Light Where You Need It”

Around LIGHTFAIR, LEDVANCE is a running the Who Lights Up World? contest with the non-profit Be the Light Campaign.  People in the United States and Canada can nominate someone who is a source of light for those around them for a chance they can be recognized and rewarded.  “‘Light Where You Need It’ doesn’t just come from quality products, it also comes from those who spread light through positivity and simple acts of kindness.  Members of the electrical industry do a lot of good for their communities, both professionally and personally, and we want to honor those that make this world a brighter place,” said Wolfgang Mailaender, head of Marketing, LEDVANCE LLC.  For details and to nominate someone, visit www.ledvanceus.com/BeTheLight.   


With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers.  In North America, LEDVANCE LLC offers a wide range of SYLVANIA LED luminaires for various applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources. In fiscal year 2017, LEDVANCE achieved a turnover of around 1.9 billion Euro. The SYLVANIA brand leadership is a result of over 100 years of lighting experience and paves the way for future success.  Further in-formation can be found at www.ledvanceus.com.


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