Makers of SYLVANIA SMART+ Lighting Debut WiFi Product Line

Simplify and Style Your Life with Affordable Smart WiFi Lighting Products

WILMINGTON, Mass. – LEDVANCE LLC, the makers of SYLVANIA general lighting in the US and Canada, has expanded its SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting portfolio to include affordable smart LED lighting products that can easily be set up and controlled with your existing WiFi network. Available in full color and soft white, new SYLVANIA SMART+ WiFi LED A19 and BR30 lights are designed to simplify your life with easy setup, controls and features, and style your life with beautiful illumination that can suit your changing mood. With SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting, you can enjoy better light for better living.

Your home can serve multiple functions like sanctuary, workplace and classroom, just to name a few. Quality lighting can provide the right illumination to stay productive and focused or create a fun and relaxing environment. Lighting also impacts our sleep/wake cycles, so it’s important to modify your lighting before bedtime, as well as in the morning for a healthier living environment. Having smart lighting gives you that control to make your life easier and more productive and improve your wellbeing. 
With the new SYLVANIA SMART+ WiFi LED lights, you can instantly turn your home, apartment or dorm room into a smart living space because the out-of-the-box setup is quick and easy, and no hub or additional hardware is required. Simply pair your lights with the SYLVANIA Smart WiFi app utilizing your 2.4GHz WiFi network and start having your smart lighting make your life better. You can also enjoy hands-free control with your voice by connecting your lights with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or by using Siri shortcuts.
“With our new SYLVANIA SMART+ WiFi products, you have a simple way to create the smart home or apartment of your dreams or add on to your current smart system,” said Andrew Kites, product group marketing manager, LEDVANCE. “Whether you are testing the smart home waters or are a smart home enthusiast, the new SYLVANIA SMART+ WiFi lights can meet your needs, at a fraction of the cost of other options.” 
Simplify Your Life with SYLVANIA SMART+
Are you at the office and you left the lights on? No problem! With SYLVANIA SMART+ lights, simply turn them off remotely and save money and electricity. Want to have the front porch light on when you get home at night, but don’t want it on all day when it isn’t needed? Schedule your SYLVANIA SMART+ light to turn on before you get home or turn it on as you are approaching the driveway to help you feel safe and secure. In addition to offering control of the lights whether at home or away, the SYLVANIA Smart WiFi app features group and mood-setting scene features to easily adjust your lighting at your convenience. Turn off all your lights from the comfort of your bed at night instead of having to go around your home and doing it one by one. Life is complicated enough and can feel out of control, especially nowadays. Let having smart lighting help simplify it for you and give you some peace of mind.
Style Your Life with SYLVANIA SMART+
SYLVANIA SMART+ WiFi Full Color LED lights are the perfect all-in-one lighting solution that enhances the aesthetic of every occasion. The lighting can be customized to fit any mood with options ranging from 2700K (soft white) to 6500K (cool daylight) and over 16 million available colors. For example, setting the color temperature to a soft white promotes relaxation; while a cool daylight is good for concentrating. You can also decorate your living space with vibrant colored light that compliments your home décor and can be easily changed just by telling your smart device or via the app, which is a lot easier than repainting the walls. Whether you’re watching a movie in the family room or in the kitchen making dinner, with SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting you can create a perfect environment that enhances what you are doing.
SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting products, including the new WiFi products, are available at major retailers across the nation in-store and online. Additional WiFi products are slated for release over the coming few months. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/SYLVANIASMARTPlus.
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