SYLVANIA Natural Series of LED Lighting with TruWave Technology

LED Tubes Launching in July to Deliver Best Alternative to Natural Light  

Wilmington, Mass. – Natural light remains the ideal light source across the wide variety of facilities. It delivers true colors and feelings of comfort and happiness for building occupants. When the sun goes down though, or in areas where natural light is not an option, previously these benefits were lost for building occupants. Now, electrical distributors and contractors can deliver the benefits of natural light with the award-winning SYLVANIA Natural Series™ of LED lighting products with innovative TruWave Technology™ from LEDVANCE LLC. TruWave combines unique chip, phosphor & packaging technology to offer the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, all while saving energy. As a result, these energy-saving LED products enhance color contrasts without saturation and deliver less intense blue light to reduce eye strain, improve readability and support an improved sleep-wake cycle. They also deliver superior flicker performance, lower glare and excellent dimmability when applicable which results in better visual comfort. Ideal for a wide variety of applications like offices, grocery/retail, nursing/assisted living, classrooms, hospitality and residential, the SYLVANIA Natural Series will include LED lighting products for virtually every part of a business or home including T8 Tubes launching in July and other form factors such as Volumetric Troffers, Retrofit Doorkits, High Bays, RT Downlights, A19s, A15s, B10s, BR30s, Edison ST19s, R20/BR40s, PARs and Globes following shortly after. .  
“Quality light is crucial when photographing models and fashion so the outfits, makeup and skin tones look their best and natural light is ideal.  The new SYLVANIA Natural Series of LED lighting is simply gorgeous as it duplicates natural light,” said celebrity and fashion photographer Ez de la Rosa.  “I also appreciate how they have less intense blue light which helps with my well-being and comfort.  I am installing these lights throughout my penthouse studio where I work and live so I can enjoy beautiful clean, natural illumination in my professional and personal life.” 
“The SYLVANIA Natural LED portfolio helps contractors and distributors differentiate themselves with superior LED products that deliver clean, natural light under the trusted SYLVANIA product brand,” said Wolfgang Mailaender, head of marketing for US and Canada, LEDVANCE LLC.  “We are supporting our electrical partners with a comprehensive awareness campaign in commercial media as well as a wide range of sales supporting materials. SYLVANIA Natural Series with TruWave Technology.  It’s Real.  It’s Natural.  It’s Tru.”
Natural Light for Natural Living™
LED upgrades are typically driven by a perception that light is a commodity to be obtained at the lowest cost.  This places an emphasis on energy efficiency and energy cost savings, which is appropriate but should not result in missed opportunities to cost-effectively add value.  While light is indeed a commodity, lighting—the application of light to spaces—can be an asset, supporting organizational goals by providing accurate colors, visual comfort, and enhanced space perception.  These are worthy investments that can produce tangible benefits and Natural Light for Natural Living.
Natural Living is about enjoying what nature offers, in our homes with friends and families and where we work, throughout our days and our nights.  Natural Light for Natural Living brings the positive feelings of happiness, relaxation, warmth and safety from Nature into homes and businesses for increased occupant satisfaction.  SYLVANIA Natural Series LED lighting products deliver energy-saving Natural Light for Natural Living by:
  • controlling blue wavelengths to support an improved sleep-wake cycle, lower glare, improve readability and reduce eye strain, 
  • being a perfect fit where clean light color rendering is needed for seeing realistic, vivid colors without sacrificing light output, 
  • properly saturating red to make building spaces and flesh tones accurate and vibrant, without oversaturating which compromises energy efficiencies,
  • and delivering superior flicker performance and excellent dimmability when applicable which results in better visual comfort.


Natural Light for Natural Living is delivered by TruWave Technology which combines Tru, which represents true, realistic colors, and Wave, which relates to the light spectrum close to natural sun light, to offer the best light for you.  There are numerous applications where SYLVANIA TruWave Technology provides great value with its innovative approach by closely matching natural light such as:


  • Education spaces where students can benefit from reduced eye strain and improved concentration, 
  • Business and vacation travelers seeking to adapt quickly to new time zones and reduced jet lag, 
  • Night shift workers using artificial natural lighting to help maintain alertness, 
  • Combating SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during winter for people in northern latitudes, 
  • Residential lighting requiring a combination of high color rendering and well-being benefits, and 
  • Office and factory workers with long hours under artificial light desiring improved sleep/wake cycles.

Sustainable building design is widely recognized for positively impacting health, well-being, and productivity.  The voluntary international WELL Building Standard® [1] prescribes evidence-based best practices for the application of high quality - and circadian-supportive lighting - solely focused on the health and wellness of building occupants.  Lighting in offices and other similar workplaces may also benefit from the well-being outcomes of natural light.  Recent research within the smart-buildings community finds that 90% of office business costs are related to employees, i.e. salaries, benefits, etc. [2].  Only 1% goes for energy, and of that only half (0.5%) for electricity [3].  Lighting solutions that increase energy efficiency only leverage the 0.5% of costs.  However, lighting solutions that increase employee well-being and productivity will target the 90% of costs.  With Natural Light for Natural Living, SYLVANIA Natural Series provide value well beyond what simply switching to LEDs can provide in meeting WELL Building requirements. 

New SYLVANIA LED Lamps Deliver Natural Light for Natural Living
Launching in July 2020, SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE® IPS Natural™ LED T8 Lamps and SYLVANIA LEDlescent™ Natural™ LED T8 Ballast-Free Lamps offer the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, thanks to TruWave Technology. As a result, these LED lamps enhance color contrasts and deliver less intense blue light to reduce eye strain, improve readability and support an improved sleep-wake cycle, all while saving energy. TruWave Technology delivers exceptional color quality (CRI 90, R9>50, R9-R12≥78) without the loss of efficacy which is typical of most 90+ CRI solutions. These LED lamps also help bring peace of mind with a shatterproof frosted nano plastic design.
  • SubstiTUBE IPS Natural LED T8 lamps are dimmable down to 10 percent with compatible 0-10V ballasts, work on existing fluorescent ballasts and are compatible with instant start and select programmed rapid start electronic T8 ballasts with input voltage of 120-277V and 347V.
  • LEDlescent Natural LED T8 Ballast-Free lamps bypass the existing ballast to operate directly on 120-277V and have a double-ended design with a patented built-in safety circuit. This prevents current from flowing through the lamp when only one end is engaged in the socket thereby eliminating potential shock hazard and helping to ensure safe and easy installation.
“Clean, natural light is good for your eyes and your well-being. It creates a natural, vivid atmosphere in your business and home,” said Karsten Fetten, head of product management, LEDVANCE LLC. “LEDVANCE is first to market with this innovative LED technology that delivers the best alternative to natural light and high efficacy. Under the trusted SYLVANIA product brand, our new Natural Series delivers the benefits of natural light when the sun goes down or is not available, offers reliable quality, and saves consumers and businesses energy and money.”
Click here to learn more about Natural LED Light with TruWave Technology. For the latest on SYLVANIA lighting innovations, visit us at www.ledvanceus.com/truwave and follow on social media on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.
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