Safeline LampsSafeline Lamps
FO40 T8 OCTRON Specialty, Display & PreheatFO40 T8 OCTRON Specialty, Display & Preheat
T8 Preheat Fluorescent Lamp GRO-LUXT8 Preheat Fluorescent Lamp GRO-LUX

​Fluorescent Other and Specialty​

​Federal energy legislation such as EPACT (The Energy Policy Act) mandates the phase out of many of the older T12 linear fluorescent lamp types. Advances in newer, more energy efficient fluorescent systems like T8 and T5, and CFL, coupled with utility rebate incentive programs, give end users every opportunity to replace outdated T12 systems and lower their electric bills.

​For applications where T12 lamps are still needed, Very High Output (VHO) and High Output (HO) Rapid start lamps, as well as Slimline Instant start lamps are available in a variety of lengths. There is a limited selection of 4-ft Rapid start, 8-ft Slimline Instant Start, and 8-ft High Output (HO) Rapid start T12 lamps for specialty applications including cold temperature, color critical, and plant growth.​​

T12 Rapid Start Linear, CUVRVALUME® & High Output

  • Medium bi-pin 4' Lamps

  • Ubend T12 Lamps

  • T12 High Output Lamps

T8 & T12 Single-Pin

  • Instant Start Operation

  • T8 Single Pin Lamps

  • T12 Single Pin Lamps

T5, T8 & T12 Preheat Lamps

  • Starter Required

  • T5, T8, & T12 Lamps

Gro-Lux® Aquaraium

  • Plant Growth

  • Aquariam Lamps

  • T8 & T12 Option

SAFELINE® Shatter Resistant Coated Fluorescent Lamps

  • Shatter-resistant lamps contain glass and components should the lamp break

  • Available in T5, T5HO, and T8 with sizes from 2ft to 4ft.

  • Applications include food service, processsing, and prep as well as maufacturing locations, school cafeterias and gymnasiums


  • Fluorescent starter for preheat lamps

  • For use with F4, F6, F8, F13, F14, F15, F30, and F40 lamps

  • Available in 12 per package except 42812 (100/EA)


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