Performance Class Mini Work Light
Performance Class Mini Work-Light
Performance Class Mini Work Light

​Performance Class Mini Work Light​

The Performance Class Mini Work Light has LEDVANCE in it's DNA. The lens of the product is branded with the LEDVANCE logo. Like it's "older cousin", this product boasts a USB-A cord on the back of the luminaire ensuring contractors are never left without their mobile devices. In addition, the product is linkable up to 10 units thanks to the outlet located on the face of the luminaire. With an IK08 and IP44 rating, this product also has a magnetic handle capable of supporting up to four times the weight of the luminaire and allowing for it to be mounted on metal surfaces. ​



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​​Benefits and Features

— Linkable up to 10 units 

— Integrated USB port located on the back of the luminaire 

— Magnet located on the handle can support up to four times the weight of the luminaire 

— Integrated trunnion mount to allow for adjustable angle 

— Plug-based, easy to install, transport, and adjust 

— Aluminum and polycarbonate housing 

— IP44 and IK08 ratings ensure a durable and resilient product 

— 110° distribution 

— Up to 100 LPW 

— 5000K color temperature 

— CRI >80 

— Offered in 15 watts 

— Energy savings up to 86%

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