DUALescent LED T8 Universal Lamp FamilyDUALescent LED T8 Universal Lamp Family
DUALescent LED T8 Universal LampDUALescent LED T8 Universal Lamp

DUALescent LED T8 Universal Lamp Family​

​These lamps are our most versatile LED T8s yet!  Available in 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft lengths, these lamps are ballast compatible, operate directly wired to line voltage, can be used with shunted and non-shunted sockets, and can be used in your existing single-ended wired fixtures.  We recommend all new direct wire installations be wired in the double-ended configuration.​​

​Benefits and Features​

— LED T8 for use with instant start and select programmed

rapid start electronic T8 ballasts or direct wire to 120-277V

— Lamps operate on shunted and non-shunted lampholders

thereby reducing installation costs when wired in the

double-ended configuration (recommended)

— No polarity; can be installed in either direction

— Operated as UL Type B, DUALescent can also be used to

replace T12 lamps

— Suitable for use with tube guards

— Suitable for dry and damp locations – not for use where

directly exposed to water

— For UL Type A: Compatible with the following emergency

ballasts: IOTA: ISL-54, ISL-540, and I-160

— DLC listing allows for rebates in areas where applicable,

saving on overall project cost

— Up to 150 system LPW

— CRI >80

— Offered in: 2-foot 8 watts, 3-foot 12 watts, and 4-foot

12 watts

— Available beam angle: 200°

— Light emitting angle: 320°

— Energy savings up to 56%​


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