DUALescent™ T8 Universal Lamp - UL Type A+B

Product is ideal for upgrading fluorescent fixtures to LED, which provides energy savings. DUALescent provides flexibility for the distributor and contractor with one lamp to satisfy either operation with a ballast or directly on line voltage.

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Benefits and Features

— Utilizes either fluorescent ballast or operates directly on line voltage providing flexibility in installation

— Lamps operate on shunted and non-shunted lampholders thereby reducing installation costs

— DLC listed – allows for rebates in areas where applicable, saving on overall project cost

— Low wattage lamp providing for maximum energy savings

— Operated as UL Type A, DUALescent is compatible with instant start and select programmed rapid start ballasts

— When used as UL Type B, DUALescent can also be used to replace fluorescent T12 lamps

— Up to 150 LPW

— 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperature

— Non-dimmable

— ​CRI 82

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