LEDlescent™ LED T5HO Lamps
LEDlescent™ LED T5HO Lamps

LEDlescent™ LED T5HO Lamps

LEDlescent T5HO Ballast-Free lamps are an energy saving alternative, designed to replace traditional fluorescent T5HO lamps by bypassing the existing ballast to operate directly on 120-277V.​​​​​

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​Benefits and Features​

— Double ended platform where lamp is wired end-to-end preventing non passive failure of a fluorescent lamp should it be inadvertently installed in the fixture

— Patented built-in safety circuit prevents current from flowing through the lamp when only one end is engaged in the socket thereby eliminating potential shock hazard

— No risk of electrical arching between the lamp pins and the lamp holders

— LPW: Up to 145W

— CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5000K

— Non-dimmable

— CRI: 82

​— Beam angle: 180°

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