led t8 8-foot 2-piece ledlescentled t8 8-foot 2-piece ledlescent
ledlescent t8 8ft 2 piece ballast free lampsledlescent t8 8ft 2 piece ballast free lamps
ledlescent t8 8-foot 2-piece ballast free lampsledlescent t8 8-foot 2-piece ballast free lamps

​LEDlescent T8 8ft 2-Piece Ballast-Free Lamps​

LEDlescent T8 and T8HO Ballast-Free lamps are an energy saving alternative, designed to replace traditional fluorescent T8/T12 lamps by bypassing the existing ballast. These LED T8 lamps contain no mercury, provide instant light and a uniform light distribution. Engineered to operate directly on 120-277V, these lamps minimize labor and recycling costs. Our revolutionary design features two four-foot pieces that connect making logistics easier and more cost efficient. These lamps are constructed with PET shatter resistant film to contain components should the tube break. Available in 8-foot lengths but ships in two 4-foot sections, saving money on shipping and storage, and minimizes the opportunity for breakage in the process. When installing the LEDlescent T8 lamps, the UL rating of the existing fixture is not voided (even when it is electrically modified) since our LEDlescent T8 lamp is UL Classified (as a luminaire conversion retrofit kit) under UL standard 1598C. UL 1598C is the standard covering LED retrofits intended for an existing UL rated fixture. Since the user is retrofitting with a UL1598C classified LED kit, the installer must follow the installation instructions included with the lamps for the modified fixture to retain its UL rating​.

Benefits and Features

— Industry changing two-piece snap-fit design that is

available in 36W

— Frosted glass optics with shatter-resistant PET coating

— Fa8 Single Pin Base

— Double-ended wiring configuration

— CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5000K

— Safety circuit prevents current from flowing through the

lamp when only one end is engaged in the socket thereby

eliminating potential shock hazard

— No risk of electrical arcing between the lamp pins and the

lamp holders

— Suitable for dry and damp locations (cannot come in direct

contact with water)

— Suitable for open and enclosed fixtures

— These lamps have been tested and approved with some

0-10V dimmers

— No warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and

stable lamp to lamp color​

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