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​​Value Class Dual Selectable Linear High Bay 5A​​

With the introduction of the new Dual Selectable Linear High Bay 5A, choosing the right Linear High Bay for your application has now become even easier.  Available in three wattage ranges with max wattages of 165W, 220W and 300W, these luminaires also feature the convenience of 4000K or 5000K CCT selectability.  This means just one SKU provides the ability to choose six different wattage/CCT options. The fixtures are shipped with V-hooks and 3-foot mounting chains and there are several optional mounting accessories available to meet the requirements of most any installation.  For even greater installation flexibility, these fixtures feature optional field installable screw-in motion/daylight sensors as well as optional wire guards. They are also DLC5.1 premium listed to maximize rebate opportunities.

Benefits and Features

— Dual Selectability facilitates inventory management and

a​llows for on-site lighting adjustment

— Compact design ensures that this product is suitable for

most applications

— Offered in three selectable wattage ranges:

– 105, 135, or 165W selectable

– 175, 195, or 220W selectable

– 255, 275, or 300W selectable

— All models feature 4000K or 5000K selectability

— All fixtures are shipped with a pre-wired sensor base

which is ready to accept an optional field-installed

screw-in motion/daylight sensor

— CRI >80

— V-hooks and 3-foot mounting chains are included

— Optional wire guards, surface mounting brackets,

and pendant mounting brackets are available

— Up to 144 LPW

— Energy savings up to 73%

— DLC 5.1 Premium​

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