UltraLED™ WrapUltraLED™ Wrap
SYLVANIA Luminaires UltraLED WrapSYLVANIA Luminaires UltraLED Wrap

UltraLED™ Wrap​

The wrap is a stylish, simple and fast to install fixture for ceiling mounted and pendant mounted applications. The removable mounting plate can be installed separately with included mounting hardware, and conceals behind the fixture for a seamless look. A fully captured, diffuse lens limits rattling or loosening over time, a common complaint on traditional wrap fixture designs. Available in two lengths and three color temperatures for retail, office, education, and low bay applications.​

Benefits and Features

— Controls blue wavelengths for lower glare and reduced eye strain to improve readability and supports an improved sleep-wake cycle

— Perfect fit where clean light color rendering is needed for seeing realistic, vivid colors without sacrificing light output

— Properly saturates red to make building spaces and flesh tones accurate and vibrant, without oversaturating (which compromises energy efficiency)

— Superior flicker performance and excellent dimmability results in better visual comfort

— ​Exceptional color quality without the loss of efficacy typical of most 90+ CRI solutions

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