Small Wall Pack


The Small Wall Pack is a compact non-cutoff luminaire that is available with optional photo control. Offering up to 90% in energy savings these luminaires are ideal in place of traditional fixtures, or as new installations, and offered in two color temperatures for illuminating building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways, and stairwells.

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Benefits and Features

— Controls blue wavelengths for lower glare and reduced eye strain to improve readability and supports an improved sleep-wake cycle

— Perfect fit where clean light color rendering is needed for seeing realistic, vivid colors without sacrificing light output

— Properly saturates red to make building spaces and flesh tones accurate and vibrant, without oversaturating (which compromises energy efficiency)

— Superior flicker performance and excellent dimmability results in better visual comfort

— Exceptional color quality without the loss of efficacy typical of most 90+ CRI solutions

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