​LEED EB Mercury Calculator

Pursue the LEED EBO&M MR4 credit for reduced mercury in lighting by doing the following:

Step 1:    Use the LEED EB Mercury Calculator to determine the total pg/lhr measurement of your lamps purchased during the project period

Step 2:    Download: Mercury Content in SYLVANIA Lamps and NEMA CFL Commitment

Step 3:    Submit both documents in your LEED Certification application  

"This information should be obtained from MSDSs or other public literature from the manufacturer, or by directly contacting the manufacturer/vendor and requesting a written statement reporting mercury content values."

- LEED EB O&M Rating System

If you are purchasing screw-based CFLs for the project, LEDVANCE lamps do not need to be included in the calculation.  LEDVANCE is part of the NEMA commitment to maximum mercury content in CFLs.







  * Mercury Content in SYLVANIA Lamps is accepted as public literature from LEDVANCE.

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