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NEMA explains the application of existing dangerous goods regulations on transport

NEMA Q&A document
Import/export licensing requirements for customers who directly import concerned lamps into their country

Transporting Lamps

Certain high performance commercial lighting products such as high intensity discharge lamps may contain small amounts of Krypton85 or Thorium (low level radiation emitters).  LEDVANCE no longer uses Krypton85 in production. The labelling requirements for products that contain these elements are applicable when affected products are combined for shipment and reach certain levels. LEDVANCE monitors the levels of hazardous materials used and always complies with dangerous materials regulations when shipping.


Where to go for more information:

United States  
Trade 800-255-5042
Retail 800-842-7010

Trade 800-263-2852
Retail 800-720-2852


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