California Title 20 Efficiency Regulations



The California Energy Commission (CEC) sets energy efficiency standards in the State of California for various products and appliances including lamps.   

On January 1, 2018 new efficiency standards for lamps manufactured after January 1, 2018 went into effect for three categories of lamps: 

  • State Regulated LED Lamps
  • Small Diameter Directional Lamps (SDDLs) and
  • State Regulated General Service Lamps


On January 1, 2020, new efficiency standards for general service light bulbs went into effect. These new standards require that – with some exceptions – no incandescent or halogen general service light bulbs can be sold in the state. Please visit the California Energy Commission’s website for further details. 




LEDVANCE is committed to providing our customers with lighting options that meet their needs. 

California Title 24 Building Standards

The California Energy Commission’s Title 24 regulations outline energy efficiency standards for residential and non-residential buildings. 

Residential indoor and outdoor lighting technologies are regulated by Title 24 California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards.  The standards apply to residential, single-family buildings and multifamily buildings that are three stories or less and residential spaces in non-residential buildings.

Title 24 also includes requirements for high-efficacy light sources, commonly referred to as JA8 (Joint Appendix 8).  LEDVANCE has several products certified to JA8 and listed on the CEC certified database.



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