Frequently Asked SYLVANIA Lighting Questions (FAQs)

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  Q: Ballasts  

What are some commonly used ballast and electrical terminology? 

  Q: Health Issues  

Fluorescent Lighting and Ultraviolet
Does the ultraviolet output from fluorescent lighting present health risks?
Full-Spectrum Lighting
What is full spectrum lighting and are there any related health benefits?
Neonatal Intensive Care Areas & Fluorescent Lighting
Should I avoid using fluorescent lighting in neonatal care areas?
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
What is SAD and which lamps can be used to treat it?
Winter Blues or Cabin Fever
How can I use lighting to help cure cabin fever?

  Q: Light and Color 

Color Properties
What are the color properties of light sources?
Fading and Discoloration in Relation to Lighting
How can controlling lighting limit the fading and discoloration of materials?
Lumens and Mesopic Vision
How do lumens change in the area of mesopic vision?
MacAdam Ellipses
What are MacAdam Ellipses or color ovals?
Perceived Changes Related to Fluorescent Retrofits
What changes can I expect to notice when retrofitting T12 lamps with T8 lamps?
Sources of Ultraviolet Blocking Materials
Where can I get materials to block ultraviolet (UV) radiation?

  Q: Light Sources  

Dimming of Lamps
What is meant by "dimming" lamps?
Mean Lumens for Various Lamp Types
What are some mean lumen values for different lamp types?
Dichroic Filters
How do Dichroic Filters work?
S/P Ratios and Values for Common Lamp Types
What is a S/P Ratio and what are some values for common lamp types?
Power Factor and Ballast Factor
What is the difference between Power Factor and Ballast Factor?
Lamp Base Removal
How do I remove a lamp base from the socket?
Industry Contacts
How do I contact organizations related to the lighting industry?
Common Lamp Base Dimensions
What are the most common lamp base dimensions?

  Q: Miscellaneous  

Energy Efficiency
What are the benifits of energy efficiency beyond saving money?
Power Factor
What is power factor?
Saving Energy
Will I save energy if the line voltage to my lighting systems is reduced?