​Parking Area Lighting​​

​Uniform illumination of car parks and parking spaces gives users a sense of personal safety right from the start – both on arrival and departure. Illuminating shaded areas also aids orientation and helps avoid accidents.

We offer a variety of application-specific solutions as well as maximum efficiency for companies and operators of car parks and basement garages: sensor-controlled light management systems ensure standard lighting in accordance with the external conditions, such as time of day or weather for example. Zonal control allows operating costs to be reduced further based on presence and motion control.

“Enhancing safety in car parks and basement garages and reducing energy and maintenance costs are key considerations when it comes to optimizing lighting.”​​​


lighting in parking areas​​​​

Maximum efficiency potential with the best references

We also provide a high degree of planning certainty with our energy-saving LED lighting solutions based on individually tailored consultations. For example, the conventional fluorescent lamp technology in the car park of the Commerzbank-Arena was replaced by LED tube technology from the SubstiTUBE HF product series. Some 50,000 kilowatt hours of energy are saved every year as a result of this refurbishment – with a payback period of less than one year. The HF series also offers added benefits including compatibility with ECG luminaires and an extremely long lifetime of the lamps of up to 50,000 hours.

High cost savings thanks to innovative LED products from LEDVANCE

The Contipark Group was able to reduce its energy costs by more than 60,000 euros annually simply by switching to the innovative SubstiTUBE LED tubes in the car parks in Wiesbaden and Paderborn. This contribution to environmental protection translates to annual savings of 180,000 kg of CO2. Incidentally, the basement garage in Wiesbaden is the only one of 50 properties to have been rated “very good” in an ADAC test. An above-average reduction in energy costs of between 50 and 55 percent was achieved by the Contipark Group in further projects thanks to the use of innovative LEDVANCE products.

The advantages for car parks and parking spaces:

  • Innovative LED lighting solutions save energy and electricity

  • Sensor-controlled and zonal light management systems further enhance efficiency

  • Increased feeling of safety on arrival and departure

After dark, your property must be well lit to provide visitors and tenants with a high degree of visual comfort, safety and security. Take advantage of new lighting technologies to highlight architectural features and facades, walkways, and entrances to make your property distinctive in the marketplace. Illuminated corporate ID and directional signage convey a positive brand image and provide for safe traffic flow. For parking lots and garages that must be lit through the night, (and in some cases, 24/7, energy efficient light sources provide bright shadow free illuminance while lowering your energy bills.  

Exterior and parking lot lighting involves many critical issues that are best addressed by a certified lighting designer:

  • Ensuring that the exterior lighting design “blends” with the character and identity of the community surrounding your property 

  • Compliance with local lighting ordinances: light pollution, light trespass, min/max brightness levels. 

  • Selecting lamps and luminaires that will provide appropriate levels of illuminance and optical characteristics to direct the light only where it is needed. 

  • Selecting high efficacy lamps and ballasts to achieve the greatest energy savings. 

  • Including lighting controls that adjust illuminance levels, or switch off non essential lighting based on available daylight, occupancy, or time of day, for additional energy savings.

Signs of the Times

Your corporate signage needs to look as attractive and attention grabbing after dark as it does during the day. No matter what type of sign you choose: surface lit, backlit, edge lit, halo lit, channel letters or a combination of these,  we have a wide variety of lighting solutions to put your brand in the best light. Our cutting-edge LED modules from have revolutionized the sign building business. These small, versatile and robust light sources are extremely cost effective, easy to maintain and they last for upwards of 50,000 hours. 

Controls that allow light levels to be lowered or switched off during late night and early morning hours net greater energy savings.


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