Introduction to the Lighting Certificate

Several recognized standards are available in the marketplace today to help consumers find out more about LED lighting. This information allows each customer to rely upon the establishment of specific criteria to reflect an expected quality.


Whenever you see the lighting certificates found below, you can rest assured that the product meets or exceeds specific standards.


What Are the Lighting Certifications to Know?


Several organizations provide LED lighting certifications today. Here's a closer look at the currently available options so that you can find products that meet your needs.


LED Lighting CertificateWhat the LED Lighting Certificate Means
Title 24 CertificateThis California-based lighting certification helps a business owner discover the options that provide the most energy-efficient outcomes for their specific needs.
ENERGY STAR®​​​​​With this rating, consumers know that the certified device uses about 25% less energy than a conventional product.
Dark SkyOperated by the International Dark Sky Association, this certification applies to outdoor lighting that lessens light trespassing and overall glare. The goal is to create a more authentic and natural evening environment.
Design Lights ConsortiumDLC certification is issued to commercial LED lights based on several categories: lumen maintenance, color rendering, light distribution, longevity, and output. The warranty's duration is another consideration. It is typically found on commercial and industrial-grade lighting panels or retrofit kits.
Consortium for Energy EfficiencyCEE certification comes from a proprietary operational and performance efficacy and safety guidelines list. It incorporates a broad range of products, including ballasts and lamps. The guidelines for earning this label are regularly updated based on the new technologies that come to LED bulbs and
Lighting Facts CertificationThe certification under this category requires LED manufacturers and brands to display the lumens value on a product package instead of the wattage.


Some Companies Provide Lighting Certification Options to Review


While consumers start learning more about the benefits of LED lighting, several questions linger for customers, and they want answers for them before upgrading.


Four certification options are available in this category to consider.


1. UL Listed

Underwriters Laboratories is an American-based consultation and safety company that offers services in over 100 countries. It was first established in 1894, gaining recognition by creating the safety standards and conducting the initial analyses for using electrical components and devices in homes and businesses.


When LED lights receive a UL Listed certification, that means the company has tested representative product samples. They've determined that it meets the current requirements for safety, allowing customers to know that the product and its components have all passed a thorough examination.


2. CE Certification

The CE marking is found on items sold in the European Economic Area. This label on LED lights ensures more freedom of movement throughout the continental marketplace.


When an item bears this certification, it was manufactured to the product specifications set by the European safety, health, and environmental standards. Since legislation can change those standards, customers have confidence that their lights meet or exceed the current requirements.


Although the CE certification allows for European sales, it is not a guarantee that the product was made in Europe. All LED lights sold on the continent must carry this mark.


3. CSA Group Certification

The Compliance, Standards, and Accountability Group focuses on Canada-based certifications. The marks it offers in the lighting category include energy efficiency verification, product evaluation, testing, and quality standards.

When customers see a CSA mark, they can have confidence that it meets the metrics set by other licensing options, including ENERGY STAR®. It's a recognized certificate by many governments and agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.


4. RoHS Compliance Certification

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification sets standards for electronic and electrical products. This compliance is mandatory for all products sold in the European Union.


When you see a package with this label, it means the product does not exceed the maximum levels of six restricted substances. That means customers can be confident that their LED lights don't contain unacceptable levels of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, lead, and more.


What About LEED Certification for LED Lights?


LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design." It's a green building certification program initially developed by the United States Green Building Council.


Certification occurs at different levels and uses unique rating systems. It's available for commercial structures at any point during the building's lifecycle.

Separate certifications are available for residential homes and neighborhood development projects.


LEED certification occurs when the building receives a minimum of 40 points. If 50 points are awarded, a silver certificate is issued. Gold happens at 60 points, while platinum is available at 80 points.


When a building receives LEED certification, businesses experience overhead benefits. Some governments provide tax incentives for pursuing this option, sometimes over the lifetime of the structure's use.


Many state and local governments expedite the building permits or offer grants to complete LEED-associated projects.


Since LED bulbs are an energy-efficient product, retrofitting or installing commercial fixtures in buildings can help a project earn up to 20 points toward LEED certification. This outcome is possible because the lighting optimizes the energy performance in kilowatts per square meter over a year.


With all these certifications available for LED lighting, it's much easier to create an environmentally preferred structure to use for homes and businesses. Look for these labels while shopping to ensure you receive the outcomes you want! 


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