What Is a CCT Selectable LED Light Bulb?

When shopping for LED lights, you will find a color temperature designation in the product specs. That info indicates what spectrum you can expect when installing the bulb in a fixture at home or your business.


Color temperatures in the 2000 Kelvin (K) to 3000 K range tend to be warmer, while those in the 4000 K to 6500 K are cool and blue.


Each temperature corresponds to an environmental mood. When you want to change how you feel, an adjustable CCT lets you adapt to different tones. With the push of a button or an app-based command, you can create whatever setting suits your current or future needs.


What Can I Do with Different Color Temperatures?


Have you ever noticed how you'll feel more awake when the sun is shining, but tired when it is nighttime? That's because the human body works on a circadian rhythm. As evening comes, it prepares itself to fall asleep.

When the sun rises, different processes begin to help you feel awake and energized.


You can replicate those feelings by controlling the color temperature of a room. With a CCT selectable LED, you can pick what Kelvin rating you prefer.


Here's a closer look at why that matters.


Color TemperatureInspired MoodSuggested Applications
2000 to 3000 KCozy, relaxed, and decorativeLiving rooms, decorative outdoor spaces, and bedrooms
3100 K to 4500 KBright, energetic, and friendlyVarious work settings, task lighting requirements, kitchens, and bathrooms
4600 K to 6500 KSharp, focused, crisp, and alertDisplays, security needs, and commercial applications


Some CCT selectable bulbs might go lower or higher with their Kelvin ratings based on the manufacturer's design. As you go lower, more red and yellow tones tend to develop. When they rise, you'll see more blue.


If you want something close to white, a product in the 3500 K range should do nicely.


What Are the Benefits of Selectable LED Lights?


Beyond the multiple correlated color temperatures that an LED provides in a single fixture, you'll find that this new technology delivers some impressive benefits to consider.


1. This technology is customizable to each space and time. It allows homes and businesses to create unique environments without changing anything by the color temperature.


2. You can adjust the CCT throughout the day to encourage more energy in the afternoon when it might be needed.


3. Contractors can use a single SKU for multiple applications, making it easier to keep stock, reduce inventory, and make fewer trips to the distributor.


4. It works great for multiple projects, including DIY efforts where task lighting isn't always available with other technologies.


Whether you prefer an indoor fixture, selectable CCT downlights, or an outdoor option, you'll discover that this technology meets your needs effectively. Upgrade to it today to unlock an entire world of new potential in whatever spaces you have. 


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