Guide for T8 LED Tube

Say ​goodbye to the era of fluorescent lamps as the go-to choice for energy-efficient lighting. Thanks to the rapid evolution of LED technology, the lighting industry has experienced a revolutionary transformation.

Unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs, T8 L​ED tube light consumes less energy, boasts an extended lifespan, and emits minimal heat. It enhances safety and ensures a more efficient and sustainable lighting solution for businesses. By reducing energy consumption significantly, busines​​ses can expect to save hundreds of dollars on their annual energy bills.​

Discover the benefits of T8 LED tube solutions today and embrace the future of efficient lighting. Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and practicality for modern businesses with T8 LED tubes!

Part 1. What are T8 LED Light Bulbs

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T8 LED bulbs are energy-efficient lighting solutions that serve as replacements for traditional fluorescent T8 tubes. They are designed to fit into existing T8 fluorescent fixtures, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative since they consume significantly less energy than their fluorescent counterparts and last much longer.​

These bulbs come in various lengths and color temperatures to suit different applications, from office spaces to industrial settings, providing better illumination ​and reducing maintenance costs over time, and reducing maintenance costs over time, they're a popular option for retrofitting existing fluorescent fixtures. ​​​​​​​


​​​​Part 2. T8 LED Tubes Lamp Types

There are two types of T8 LED lamps: ballast-compatible and ballast-bypass. Ballast-compatible, also known as plug-and-play lamps, can directly replace fluorescent bulbs. ​

​​Ballast-bypass lamps, also known as direct-wire lamps, do not require a ballast. ​​Ballast-compatible T8 LED lamps are the most popular type and are the easiest to install. Ballast-bypass T8 LED lamps are a bit more complicated to install. Still, they are more energy-efficient since they don't require a ballast.
There are also hybrid T8 LED lamps, which are a combination of ballast-compatible and ballast-bypass lamps. Hybrid T8 LED lamps can be plugged into ballast for the first time. After the expiration of the ballast, the fixture can be rewired to bypass it.

Here is the classification of different T8 lightingused by manufacturers.

- Type A: The most common type of T8 LED tube, Type A tubes are compatible with most ballasts. They are available in various lengths and wattages, and they're the most popular option for both commercial and residential applications.

-  Type B: Ballast-bypass tubes are designed to provide a direct connection between the lamp and the power supply, bypassing the ballast. This results in a more efficient lighting system operation, as there is no need to waste energy in converting AC to DC and then back to AC again.

-  Type A/B: Tubes are compatible with nearly all types of ballasts on the market. They also have a bypass feature, meaning it can be used without a ballast if desired.

​-  Type C (requires remote power supply): Is a newer tube type that is compatible with an external LED driver. With an external LED driver, you can easily control the dimming of your lights without any worries about compatibility issues. Make sure that the driver is compatible with the tubes you purchased.

Bonus Tips: Replace Traditional Fluorescent T8/T12 Lamps with LED Tube Lights


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If you're always on the lookout for energy-efficient solutions to cut costs and promote sustainability, look no further than LEDlescent™ T8 Ballast-Free Lamps​. They're among the most effective replacements for traditional fluorescent T8/T12 lamps, ensuring a seamless transition that minimizes installation time and expenses. Ideal for businesses aiming for a budget-friendly and eco-conscious lighting upgrade, these lamps boast mercury-free construction for an environmentally friendly solution. Plus, they deliver instant illumination with uniform distribution, guaranteeing optimal performance.




​Benefits and Features: 

Optimized Glass Optics:The LEDlescent T8 Ballast-Free Lamps come in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, and 8ft lengths, each equipped with optimized glass optics. This ensures maximum light output and efficiency, catering to various commercial spaces. 

Versatile Color Temperature (CCT): With color temperatures​​ ranging from 3000K to 5000K, businesses can customize their lighting to create the desired ambiance. Whether it's a warm and inviting atmosphere or a bright and focused workspace, LEDlescent has you covered.​​

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Wide Light Emitting Area: Boasting a remarkable 340° light emitting area (320° for 17W and 18W Nano Plastic variants), these LED tubes guarantee comprehensive coverage, minimizing dark spots and enhancing visibility in any setting. 

Direct Installation on 120-277V: LEDlescent T8 Ballast-Free Lamps can be installed directly on voltage ranging from 120V to 277V, ensuring compatibility with most electrical systems. This simplifies the retrofit process, making it hassle-free for businesses of all sizes. 

Enhanced Safety​ Features: Our LED tubes pri​oritize safety with a patented built-in safety circuit. This unique feature prevents current flow through the lamp when only one end is engaged in the socket, eliminating the risk of electrical shock hazards. 

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