What is the Difference: Halogen vs Incandescent?

Halogen lamps are a branch of incandescent lamps and can be regarded as an upgraded version of incandescent lamps. Its shell is compact and airtight, and it is filled with a mixture of an inert gas such as iodine or bromine and a small amount of halogen. The combination of halogen gas and tungsten filament creates a halogen cycle chemical reaction that redeposits evaporated tungsten onto the filament, extending its life and maintaining the clarity of the housing. So which is better, halogen vs incandescent? Just read on to find out!​

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Halogen vs Incandescent: Which is Better?

​​Halogen lamps have good light quality and a compact shape compared to Incandescent. It inherits the vintage look of incandescent bulbs but lasts longer than incandescent bulbs. The lifespan of halogen lamps is about 2500 hours, while the lifespan of incandescent bulbs is 1200 hours. Because of its luminous principle, it is easier to manually adjust the lumen level of the light. The low purchase price makes the purchase cost good for low-budget lighting projects.​​

Generally speaking, halogen lamps are an upgraded version of incandescent lamps, so halogen lamps are superior to incandescent lamps in all aspects, and are a better choice.​

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Where Can We See the Halogen and Incandescent Lamp?

Because of their retro appearance, halogen and Incandescent lamps are now commonly used for decorative purposes, such as in retro hotels, B&Bs, taverns, and other places. Since the light of the halogen lamp is usually warm, it can also be used in gold jewelry stores to better bring out the luster and texture of the goods. You can choose a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp as an embellishment in the lighting system according to your business type, and it will have a very good atmosphere and aesthetic feeling.​​

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Do Halogen and Incandescent Have the Similar Disadvantages?

As mentioned earlier, the light-emitting principles of halogen lamps and incandescent lamps are very similar, so their disadvantages are also similar. Due to their low energy efficiency, neither incandescent nor halogen lamps are very environmentally friendly options for modern lighting systems, so only a few are used for decoration. Moreover, from the user's point of view, incandescent lamps and halogen lamps have a relatively single choice because of their light-emitting principles and warmer color temperatures. Therefore, both of them are gradually replaced by LED lights with more flexibility, more choices, and longer life in modern lighting systems.​

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Bonus Tips: What else Can We Choose Besides Halogen and Incandescent Light?​

LED lighting has several advantages over halogen or incandescent bulbs. Although they are more expensive to purchase, LED bulbs last longer and use less energy. LED lights can output higher lumen ratings and CRI for the same energy consumption and will last longer saving more electricity bills. LED lights emit no heat or UV rays, so they have a less environmental impact. If you're looking to swap out your halogen or incandescent bulbs for LED lights without sacrificing the retro style of your design, our LED vintage light bulbs offer the best of both worlds.​


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