High Bay LED Lights Buying Guide

​High bay LED lights play an important role in modern lighting and are widely used in warehouses, stadiums, retail, and other industries. This article will provide you with a comprehensive buying guide for high bays. Combined with the basic knowledge, advantages, and application scenarios of high bays, discuss the factors that need to be considered when purchasing. Brightness and lighting needs, energy efficiency and energy-saving features, durability and reliability, installation and maintenance requirements, and additional features and customization options will all be discussed in detail.

What are High Bay LED Lights?

High bay lights are lighting fixtures designed to illuminate spaces with high ceilings, typically ranging from 15 feet to 40 feet or more. These lights are commonly used in industrial and commercial environments such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, stadiums, retail stores, and large indoor spaces. Industrial high bay lights are specifically designed to provide bright, even, and efficient lighting in areas where traditional lighting fixtures may not be suitable due to ceiling height. They are characterized by their ability to distribute light over a large area and maintain optimum brightness even in high installation positions.

And for efficient lighting in high-ceiling environments, high bay lights are typically LED lights because of their numerous advantages over traditional lighting options, including higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, better color rendering, improved lighting, and high durability. These features make LED high bays popular for businesses and organizations looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting solution.​

Important Factors for Purchasing High Bay LED Lighting

Lumen Level and Applications

When designing a high bay LED lighting system, start by figuring out what type and how many high bays you need. And consider the size of the lighting space, the height of the ceiling, and how the space will be used. As for the lumen level and lighting requirements of high bay LED lights, the following are suggested values for some common places:

  • Storage room: The brightness of about 300 Lux is enough to meet the basic needs of storing goods.​

  • Warehouse: Sufficient lighting of at least 500 lux is usually required to ensure employees can clearly see items in the warehouse and remain safe.​​​

  • Retail store: In order to allow customers to better see the product and create a clean and safe environment, it is more appropriate to aim for a brightness of about 800 lux.

  • Stadiums: The lighting standards for stadiums are set by the governing bodies of the individual sports and lighting requirements can vary from 75 lux to 750 lux depending on the level and type of sport.​​

Cost-saving and Energy efficiency

Choosing high-efficiency industrial high bay LED lights can reduce energy consumption and save on operational costs for companies. Therefore, it is wise to pay attention to energy efficiency labels and certifications when selecting high-bay LED lights. The Energy Star logo is a common energy efficiency certification that indicates a product meets rigorous energy efficiency standards. Choosing LED lights with Energy Star certification ensures high energy efficiency performance.

Furthermore, some high-quality high-bay LED lights provide energy efficiency ratings and reports to help consumers compare the energy efficiency performance of different products. These ratings are typically based on standardized testing and provide energy efficiency indicators such as efficiency grades, comparisons, and expected energy consumption.

Durability and Reliability

Choosing high-bay LED lights with high durability and reliability can reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Industrial high-quality LED lamps usually have a long life, which can provide stable performance and long-lasting lighting effects. Therefore, during the purchasing process, it is very important to consult product specifications and information provided by the manufacturer to understand its life evaluation and reliability testing.

Brand and Supplier

It is also important to choose a reliable brand and supplier. Well-known brands usually have higher quality control standards and offer more reliable products and services. Before making a decision, you can refer to customer testimonials, and learn from the experience and feedback of other users, to assess the reputation and reliability of brands and suppliers.

LEDVANCE High Bay LED Light Recommendations

LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires are the environmentally preferred LED alternatives to traditional linear fluorescent and HID luminaires. With energy savings of up to 73%, they are designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs with high quality lighting. These luminaires offer a lightweight and impact-resistant fixture, ensuring easy and safe installation. Choose LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires for reliable and energy-efficient lighting solutions that deliver exceptional performance and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Value Class UFO High Bay 4A

Designed for ease and safety during installation, the Value UFO High Bay 4A is a perfect choice for any space. With its NSF Splash Zone rating, it is suitable for use in areas with water exposure. The UFO High Bay 4A offers versatile mounting options, including pendant, hook, and surface mount, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Every fixture comes with a sensor base, allowing for quick and hassle-free integration of optional motion/daylight sensors. No wiring is required, as the sensors simply screw in, providing added convenience and energy savings. Plus, a mounting hook is included for your convenience. Upgrade to the UFO High Bay 4A for a reliable and customizable lighting solution that delivers outstanding performance in any environment.​

ledvance value class ufo high bay 4a 

Value Class Dual Selectable UFO High Bay 3A

Choosing the right UFO High Bay for your application has become easier with the new Dual Selectable UFO 3A,which offers a lightweight design for easy installation and provides multiple mounting options for various applications. They come with a pre-wired sensor base, allowing for quick installation of optional motion/daylight sensors. With a 90° polycarbonate front lens, our fixtures minimize glare and ensure uniform light distribution. The IP65-rated aluminum body ensures durability and protection against dust and water. Take advantage of our additional resources, including warranty coverage, lighting layout tool, and detailed luminaire insert sheet. Upgrade to our reliable and efficient high bay fixtures for enhanced lighting performance.

value class dual selectable ufo high bay 3a 

Value Class Dual Selectable Linear High Bay 5A

Introducing our Dual Selectable Linear High Bay 5A, making it easier than ever to choose the perfect high bay lighting solution for your application. With three wattage ranges and the ability to select between 4000K or 5000K CCT, this single SKU offers six different wattage/CCT options. The compact design ensures suitability for a wide range of applications, and the fixtures come with V-hooks and 3-foot mounting chains for easy installation. Additional optional mounting accessories are available for further installation flexibility. Field installable screw-in motion/daylight sensors and wire guards are also available options. These high-bay lights are DLC 5.1 premium listed, maximizing rebate opportunities. With dual selectability, on-site lighting adjustment is made simple, and the high bay's high efficiency of up to 144 LPW ensures energy savings of up to 73%. Experience the benefits of reliable, efficient lighting with our Dual Selectable Linear High Bay 5A.​

value class dual selectable linear high bay 5a 

Value Class Linear High Bay 6A

The new generation of LEDVANCE Linear High Bays is arriving soon! These innovative linear high bay led lights offer a wide range of features to meet your lighting needs. With a variety of mounting accessories and wire guards available, you have the flexibility to customize the installation to suit your space. The fixtures come with a pre-wired sensor base, allowing for easy integration of a motion/daylight sensor, enhancing energy savings and convenience. The polycarbonate lens and powder-coated body ensure durability and longevity, making them suitable for demanding environments. What's more, the DLC 5.1 Premium listing of these high bays maximizes rebate opportunities, providing additional cost savings. Upgrade to LEDVANCE Linear High Bays for exceptional performance, convenience, and energy efficiency.​​

value class linear high bay 6a 


When choosing a suitable high bay LED light, you first need to locate it according to the lighting requirements and application and consider factors such as brightness requirements, lighting effects, and site types. Then, compare the importance and trade-offs of various factors, including brightness and lighting effects, energy efficiency and energy-saving features, durability and reliability, and installation and maintenance requirements. LEDVANCE brand high bay LED lights have many advantages and features, such as lighting quality and easy to install, durable and reliable, high brightness and energy saving, etc. Renowned for its high quality, energy efficiency, and innovation, LEDVANCE provides customers with reliable high bay LED lighting solutions.​​​


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