IP Ratings Explained

​Outdoor lighting is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, serving essential purposes in home gardens, commercial spaces, and urban safety during the night. However, these fixtures often encounter challenges from the elements, including harsh weather, dust, and moisture. Have you ever worried about storms damaging your outdoor lights or the buildup of dirt inside them? This is where the IP rating comes into play, determining how well a device withstands these challenges. In this article, we'll explore IP ratings, their significance, and why a high IP rating is crucial for ensuring your outdoor lighting performs admirably in challenging conditions. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of IP ratings.

What is an IP rating?

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is a standard used to evaluate the protective performance of electronic equipment, lighting, and other items. This standard is designed to measure the resistance of equipment to different environmental conditions, such as humidity, dust, and object intrusion.

IP ratings are represented by a two-digit coding system, such as IP65, which indicates a device's ability to withstand solid objects and moisture.The first number indicates the level of protection against solid objects (such as dust, and debris), while the second number indicates the ability against humidity (moisture).

The Significance of the First Digit: Protection from Solid Objects

The initial digit in the IP rating system is indicative of the device's capacity to withstand the infiltration of solid objects, such as dust and debris. This digit spans from 0 to 6, where 0 denotes a complete absence of protection, while 6 signifies the device's comprehensive safeguarding.




Absence of protection, rendering the device vulnerable to solid object intrusion.


Effective against objects larger than 50 mm.


​Effective against objects larger than 12.5 mm.​


​Effective against objects larger than 2.5 mm.


Effective against objects larger than 1 mm.


​Capable of preventing dust intrusion, though not entirely sealed.


Provides complete dust protection, leaving no room for dust intrusion.

The Significance of the Second Digit: Moisture Protection

The second digit within the IP rating system indicates the device's resilience to humidity and moisture infiltration. This digit spans from 0 to 9, where 0 signifies an absence of protection, while 9 represents an exceptional degree of moisture and humidity resistance.​




Lack of protection, leading to vulnerability to moisture infiltration.


Averts intrusion from vertically dripping water.


​Shields against water dripping from an angle.​


Guards against rainwater intrusion, subject to specific angle constraints.


Effectively repels rain splash and is suitable for typical weather conditions.


Resists intrusion from low-pressure water columns, ideal for cleaning and spraying situations.


Fends off high-pressure water columns and is suitable for more demanding cleaning scenarios.


Permits brief immersion in water but is not intended for deep-water usage.


Sustains long-term immersion in deep water with outstanding water tightness.


Withstands high-temperature, high-pressure water jets, steam cleaning, and other extreme humidity conditions with resilience.

Why IP65 Rating Popular in Outdoor Lighting

In the realm of outdoor lighting, devices with an IP65 rating find widespread application due to their efficient protective capabilities, making them an ideal choice. Here are the key considerations for the application of IP65 rating in outdoor lighting:

1. Efficient Waterproof Capability:

Devices with an IP65 rating exhibit outstanding waterproof performance, capable of withstanding heavy rain, humidity, and light water spray. This high-level waterproof capability ensures stable operation in various adverse weather conditions, ensuring consistently good illumination in outdoor areas.

2. Robust Dustproof Performance:

The initial digit 6 signifies a device's high resistance to solid objects such as dust and debris. In outdoor environments with airborne dust, IP65-rated devices effectively prevent dust intrusion, maintaining cleanliness and extending the equipment's lifespan.

3. Adaptability to Diverse Outdoor Environments:

The design of IP65 rating renders devices suitable for various outdoor scenarios, including extreme weather, high humidity, and different climate conditions. Whether utilized in residential patios, commercial building exteriors, or urban landscape lighting, IP65-rated devices prove versatile, ensuring consistent performance under diverse conditions.

4. Prolonging Equipment Lifespan:

The advanced protection level of IP65 ensures an extended lifespan for devices, reducing maintenance costs. This is crucial for ensuring the long-term reliable operation of outdoor lighting systems, especially in outdoor environments where frequent maintenance may be challenging.

5. Assurance of Equipment Quality:

IP65 compliance with international standards, achieved through rigorous testing and certification, guarantees the quality and performance of the devices. This instills confidence in users, ensuring that the chosen equipment will operate stably in various challenging outdoor conditions.​​​

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How to Choose Suitable IP-rated Lighting Products

Opt for IP65 or Higher Rated Lighting Products

Selecting the right IP-rated lighting products is crucial. When considering products with IP65, it's essential to grasp your unique requirements and usage environment. Firstly, contemplate the intended location of the product and whether it will be regularly exposed to moisture or intense sunlight. Secondly, assess whether the equipment needs to endure heavy rain, strong winds, or extreme temperatures. Based on these considerations, choose the appropriate IP rating to guarantee stable operation under specific conditions.

Key Buying Considerations

Throughout the purchasing process, several critical factors demand thoughtful consideration. First and foremost is the durability and quality of the product, ensuring it is tailored for its anticipated service life. Secondly, comprehend the product's power rating and lighting effects to ensure alignment with your specific lighting requirements. Additionally, scrutinize the installation and maintenance requirements of the product to ensure easy post-installation management and upkeep.​​​

Product Recommendation: Versatile Lighting Solutions

Performance Class Dual Selectable Flood Light

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vapor tight fixture  

UltraLED Dual Selectable Vapor Tight:

Introducing the latest generation of traditional Vapor Tight fixtures by LEDVANCE. The UltraLED Dual Selectable Vapor Tight series boasts IP66, NEMA4X, and NSF splash zone ratings. Available in 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft versions, these fixtures offer wattage and color temperature selectability, ensuring customization. With features like stainless steel lens clips, DLC 5.1 listing, and optional motion sensors, these fixtures provide energy-efficient and versatile lighting solutions for various environments.


In outdoor lighting, meticulous selection of the appropriate IP rating is crucial for achieving optimal performance. This decision not only prolongs equipment lifespan but also diminishes maintenance costs, thereby enhancing the overall quality of outdoor lighting. Particularly distinguished for its outstanding waterproof and dustproof capabilities, IP65 stands out among ratings, proving to be ideal for environments subjected to heavy rain, humidity, and water spray. The deployment of lighting equipment with robust protective features represents a collaborative endeavor to enhance outdoor lighting quality, ultimately contributing to a safer and more efficient environment.



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