What is SYLVANIA Truwave Technology™

​TruWave Technology™ is a lighting technology developed by SYLVANIA. It provides the closest possible lighting experience to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum. Natural light is the most common light source in our daily lives, and it helps regulate our body clocks and improve our mood and focus. However, in indoor environments, the amount of natural light is often low, requiring artificial lighting to provide sufficient light. While traditional artificial lighting, such as incandescent and fluorescent lights, often does not provide a spectrum similar to natural light, which can lead to problems such as visual fatigue, headaches, and loss of concentration. Read on to get a better know about SYLVANIA Truwave.

What is the Advantages of SYLVANIA Truwave Technology™


The LED bulbs in the TruWave Technology range emit a light spectrum similar to the natural light spectrum, providing people with a more natural lighting experience. In addition, TruWave Technology™ series bulbs not only retain the advantages of LED lights, such as high color rendering, long life, and high energy conversion rate but also control blue wavelengths to reduce glare and reduce eye fatigue to improve readability and peoples' sleep cycles. Its excellent lighting quality of 90+ CRI allows things to better display their original colors under artificial lighting sources. What's more, TruWave Technology™ also saves energy. TruWave Technology™ series LED bulbs can convert electricity more efficiently than traditional artificial lighting, reducing energy waste and lowering business operating costs.​​

Applications of SYLVANIA Truwave Technology™


In school management and planning, lighting facilities with sufficient light, high quality, low energy consumption, and sustainable development can improve the learning environment while saving energy, resources, and money. While great teachers and motivated students can perform at a high level almost anywhere, a well-designed lighting system featuring Truwave technology™ can truly enhance performance and make education a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. All else being equal, lighting schemes that are more abundant and more natural light will promote higher levels of academic achievement. Additionally, they promote the health of students, faculty, and staff, thereby reducing absenteeism.​

education lighting 


A qualified office lighting system can help employees perform comfortably and efficiently. A typical office building houses people involved in a variety of tasks and activities such as writing and drawing, texting, audiovisual presentations, graphics, meetings, and training. Otherwise, poor lighting can cause visual discomfort and, in some cases, a safety hazard. Too much light can also cause visual discomfort and use up more energy than needed. Truwave series lighting balances visibility and visual comfort, and maintains the purchase costs and energy costs at a low level, thus enhancing sustainability. It's the best choice for providing a lighting environment that energizes, increases productivity, and keeps workers at a comfortable brightness, with the flexibility to adapt to different user needs, functions, and business goals.

office lighting 


High-performance industrial facilities are key to the stimulating productivity growth needed to stay ahead in today's economy. Efficient, well-lit shop floors, warehouses, processes, and production areas can positively impact the work of employees and improve productivity and operational goals. In the manufacturing industry, in addition to improving the operating efficiency and productivity levels of facilities, companies also need to become greener - adopting new systems, equipment, and methods to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions of facilities. SYLVANIA's Truwave™ technology provides the means to directly illuminate the workplace while reducing maintenance costs and reducing energy use. Simulating natural light can increase worker productivity, provide higher levels of workplace safety and lower accident rates, reduce facility operating and administrative expenses, and help employees see better so they can do their jobs better.

warehouse lighting 

SYLVANIA Truwave Technology™ Light Bulb Recommendation

A-line Lamps​

A lamps are very popular and can be used in a variety of applications. This is what we commonly call commercial office bulbs, and you can use them in chandeliers or floor lamps. 2700K and 5000K color temperatures can offer a comfortable lighting effect for better performance.

a line natural bulb

PAR Series Lamps​

SYLVANIA TruWave CCT Selectable PAR Lamps come in five different color temperature settings(2700K、3000K、3500K、4000K or 5000K), with an 40°available beam angle that lets you choose the best option to retrofit your space​

natural mr 16 bulb

natural par 38 bulb​​

MR Series Lamps​

SYLVANIA Lamps Natural™ Series MR16 is a dimmable bulb with LPW up to 78 and color temperature options of 3000K and 5000K, with a usable beam angle of 40°.​


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