performance class retrofit doorkit 1x4 diagonalperformance class retrofit doorkit 1x4 diagonal
bluetooth mesh enabled connected retrofit door Kit 7Abluetooth mesh enabled connected retrofit door Kit 7A
 bluetooth mesh enabled connected performance class  retrofit doorkit 1x4 bluetooth mesh enabled connected performance class  retrofit doorkit 1x4

​Bluetooth Mesh Enabled Connected Retrofit Door Kit

The LEDVANCE Bluetooth LED Retrofit Door Kit is a versatile and economical solution for retrofitting fluorescent troffer lighting in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and commercial areas. These retrofit kits feature built in Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled using a mobile app or an optional wireless wall switch. They also can work seamlessly with a field installable PIR motion sensor allowing for overall advanced fixture control including occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, remote setting of dimming levels, group dimming, and schedule settings.​

​Benefits and Features

  • Retrofit kits deliver volumetric lighting and are available in sizes to retrofit 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 fluorescent troffers

  • Connected – Bluetooth Mesh 4.2 gateway free offers a stable connection and a range of up to 100ft between connected luminaires

  • Easy to deploy – install, commission, and control

  • Convenient – control via smart phone app or mobile wireless wall/remote switch

  • The optional LEDVANCE LINK™ PIR motion/daylight sensor is easily field installed and adds occupancy and daylight harvesting capabilities that can be set using the smart phone app

  • DLC 5.1 listing maximizes rebate opportunities

  • Up to 125 LPW

  • 3000, 3500, 4000, or 5000K color temperatures and light levels can be adjusted via a mobile app or a wireless wall switch

  • Optional emergency battery back-up versions

  • CRI >80

  • Flexible Grouping and Zoning: Wirelessly group luminaires to act in sync with each other

  • Scene Control: Preset various scenes for individual or group of luminaires using the phone app

  • QR Code for Admin/Guest Control: Using the LEDVANCE LINK™ app, Admin and Guest QR codes for each zone can be generated. Allows copying the settings to other phone by scanning this QR code

  • Safe & Secure: UL1376 Gold Security Level 3 ensures cybersecurity capabilities. Gateway-free (no Internet or LAN network connection needed) and no passwords 

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