Office Lighting: How to Design an Office Lighting to Improve Productivity?

Office lighting directly affects team mood and productivity, so businesses need well-designed ergonomic lighting solutions that can improve employee concentration and productivity. However, if the lighting is too dim, employees will feel tired; while the lighting is too bright, it may damage their eyes and even cause headaches. Therefore, the lighting design of the office area must take into account various requirements and scenarios, and provide different solutions according to the building structure, use, and area size.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Lighting

Designing for a good Office Lighting requires consideration of several aspects. First, it should be user-friendly, which means that the lighting system should provide sufficient lumen levels to meet people's visual needs, but not irritate or tire their eyes. Second, it should improve visibility and task performance to support people's various activities in the office. At the same time, good lighting design should also consider visual comfort and safety. To this end, designers should choose lighting types and fixtures suitable for different activities and spaces to reduce glare and shadows. The office scene can be roughly divided into three categories: conference and meeting room, parking lot, office area, and others.

Conference and Meeting Room​

To support various visual tasks or activities in a conference room, flexible and versatile lighting systems are required to create different "lighting scenarios". Its design includes the use of adjustable general lighting systems, controlled down lighting systems, controlled lighting systems for walls around room perimeters, and appropriate color and natural light. In order to provide a comfortable visual experience, soft, uniform lighting should be used, and environmental factors such as weather and time of day should be considered. Ultimately, applying these techniques together can improve meeting effectiveness and engagement.

conference room lighting 

Parking Area Lighting​

Proper lighting of car parks and parking spaces makes users feel physically safe from the start and helps avoid accidents. We offer a wide range of application-specific solutions for companies and operators of car parks and underground garages. Sensor-controlled lighting management systems ensure standard lighting is in line with external conditions. The lighting system adopts LED lighting solutions to save energy and electricity. Exterior and parking lot lighting designs must comply with local lighting regulations, including light pollution, light trespass, and minimum/maximum brightness levels. Choose lamps and fixtures that provide the proper level of illuminance and optical characteristics to direct light only where it is needed. Lighting controls that adjust lux levels, or turn off non-essential lighting based on available daylight, occupancy, or time of day for further energy savings. Increase the feeling of safety when arriving and departing at night, while using lighting technology to highlight architectural features and facades, walkways and entrances, convey a positive brand image and provide safe traffic flow.​

parking lot lighting 

Other Office Areas​

The lighting design of other office areas cannot be ignored. For lobbies and public areas, there is a need to provide a safe transition from outdoors to indoors and use the most energy-efficient light sources. For areas without natural lighting, consider using indirect lighting. In private offices, wall washers or recessed luminaires can be used as part of the general lighting scheme, while direct lighting should consider desk placement for proper task lighting.

For today's open office environments, planning a mix of ambient and task lighting also needs to be considered to provide proper lighting levels and reduce energy consumption. Lighting plans need to be flexible and should take into account the 'transient' nature of workstation locations to accommodate changes in tenant-planned layouts. We generally recommend a three-level lighting plan: level one for lower circulation areas and corridor lighting between workstation clusters, level two for intermediate ambient lighting, and level three for high-level lighting for task countertops. Finally, further energy savings can be achieved through advanced interactive and automatic lighting controls and daylight harvesting systems.​

other office areas lighting 

In addition, good lighting design should also consider environmental and economic issues. Lighting system costs and energy costs should be manageable, and sustainable design solutions should be used to reduce environmental impact. Finally, the lighting system should be combined with the architectural design to keep the light distribution consistent and uniform throughout the office space.

​Best Office Lighting Options​

As mentioned above, the best office lighting scheme should consider many factors, such as comfort, visual performance and environmental and energy efficiency. In this regard, I recommend the Ledvance brand, whose high-quality lighting products can help achieve a perfect office lighting scheme. Our products range from task lighting to integral lighting to suit a variety of enterprise needs, functions and business goals. Provide a comfortable, high-visibility environment that helps improve productivity and employee well-being.


LEDVANCE recommends its RT Screw Base Downlights as ideal office lighting. These downlights have an optional selectable lumen pack that can be easily changed with a switch located on the back of the light fixture. The RT4 model provides 500, 600, or 700lm, while the RT5/6 model provides 750, 1050, or 1300lm, which can flexibly adjust the lighting brightness according to different office scenes. Additionally, all color temperature options from 2700K to 5000K are available in the same product, allowing employees to adjust the lighting to their liking, increasing productivity and comfort. The 5/6 inch versions of these downlights feature adjustable torsion springs, making the installation process customizable for different types of office scenarios. These downlights also feature instant on and provide full light output and consistent lamp-to-lamp color, along with a CRI of 90+, helping to enhance the comfort and professionalism of an office environment. In addition, these downlights can save up to 89% of energy, which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making them the best choice for office lighting.​​​​​

rt screw based downlight 

LED Panels

LEDVANCE Dual Selectable T-FIT Panel Bars is an innovative, modern, and sustainable solution to replace flat panels in offices, conference rooms, canteen, and retail areas. This new solution uses less plastic and raw materials than regular panels, is dual selectable (three color temperatures and lumen outputs in the same SKU), is available in the 120-347V voltage range, and is DLC-compliant standard. It provides the same specifications as the regular panel while reducing packaging size and transportation costs; dual selection through the switch on the driver increases the diversity of applications and allows on-site lighting adjustment; provides optional color temperatures of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K; provides Three optional sizes: 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4; it is Single and easy to install, four rods can be connected with one click, and fits the existing T-grid ceiling; high efficiency up to 113 LPW and 80+ CRI can provide higher quality lighting effects while saving energy by up to 60%.

tfit panel bars 

Vapor Tight Fixture

LEDVANCE presents the latest generation of Vapor Tight luminaires, the Vapor Tight 3A series for offices, labs, and workshops in industrial environments. These fixtures are available in dual options with IP66, NEMA 4X, and NSF splash zone ratings. They are available in 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft versions and in your choice of wattage as well as 3500, 4000, and 5000K on demand. The series offers three SKUs covering 27 combinations of color temperature and light output. These fixtures feature polycarbonate lenses and bodies, as well as stainless steel lens clips, mounting clips, and V-hooks for durability and aesthetics. In addition, the operating voltage range of these lamps is 120-347V, which further improves their flexibility to deal with different industrial and office applications.

vapor tight fixture 

Truwave Technology™ Light Bulbs

TruWave Technology™ developed by SYLVANIA is an advanced lighting technology especially suitable for office lighting. The technology provides the closest possible lighting experience to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, which helps improve employee mood and focus, increasing productivity. Since the light provided by artificial lighting in the office often does not match the spectrum of natural light, it can cause problems such as visual fatigue and headaches. Lighting products with TruWave Technology™ can alleviate these problems by providing the spectrum closest to natural light, providing employees with a more comfortable and healthy indoor lighting environment. If you are looking for an efficient, comfortable, and healthy office lighting solution, we highly recommend light bulbs with TruWave Technology™.​

truwave technology par bulb 

Q&A: More about Office Lighting

What color temperature LED lamp is more suitable for the office?

​The 6500K light bulb is the closest artificial light source to natural sunlight, choosing it will bring you light blue light like natural sunlight. If you want to simulate the effect of natural daylight, choose the 6500K bulb, which has a cooler color than the 5000K lamp, which can calm the environment and help you maintain a good concentration in the working environment without fatigue. But If you like the warm light of halogen lights, please choose 2700K-3000K LED lights.

Are Dimmable LED lights a good choice for office lighting?

Yes. Dimmable LED lights consume less energy, it can help to further reduce energy consumption when dimming lights in office areas that do not require high levels of brightness. Plus, due to the long lifespan of dimmable LED lights, operating costs decrease over time.​​​


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